Cảm biến từ Turck BI30U-CK40-AP6X2-H1141, BI20U-CK40-AP6X2-H1141, BI15U-CK40-AD4X-H1144

Turck In Upr CK40


12 tháng

Mọi chi tiết xin vui lòng liên hệ : NVKD : Mr Huy DT : 0973733151 Skype : dhl.sale01 Email : dhl0973733151@gmail.com

General data

Connection male,_M12 x 1 Housing material PBT

Dimensions 40_x_ 40_x_ 65_mm


Variable orientation of active face in 5 directions

Types and data – selection table

Type Operating voltage Output Switching distance Operating current Ambient temperature

BI30U-CK40-AP6X2-H1141 10…30_VDC ©,_ PNP 30_mm,_a 200,_ö -10…+60_°C w002 d012

BI20U-CK40-AP6X2-H1141 10…30_VDC ©,_ PNP 20_mm,_a 200,_ö -30…+85_°C w002 d013

BI15U-CK40-AD4X-H1144 10…65_VDC ©,_ 2-wire 15_mm,_a 100,_ö -25…+70_°C w004 d013

NI50U-CK40-AP6X2-H1141 10…30_VDC ©,_ PNP 50_mm,_b 200,_ö -30…+85_°C w002 d012

NI50U-CK40-VP4X2-H1141 10…65_VDC ª,_ PNP 50_mm,_b 200,_ö -30…+85_°C w005 d012

NI35U-CK40-AD4X-H1144 10…65_VDC ©,_ 2-wire 35_mm,_b 100,_ö -25…+70_°C w004 d012

Many different types available, also as NPN version, see type code

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